With the internet and the world web defining the age of in which we live, it is important that integration of information technology (IT) and systems is used to be of aide and benefit many. There are many industries in which precisely align and are enhanced by web applications and technologies. That being said there are also many industries, hands on industries, that although technology would not seem to matter, it does and will define the future of their business. We specifically want to talk about agriculture and farming and how in this digital age, the information, technology and applications available, can be utilized to enhance farming methods to promote the greater whole, while all parts being considered.

Farming, a trade that has existed for many, many years and tends to follow a path of tradition, has a lot to benefit from if farming  and agriculture truly embark on what online systems can do.

So much is done from our finger tips today. We deposit checks, purchase inventory, personal items, sell items, invest in stock, monitor of fitness activity, and so much more from the internet.

What e farming opens up are ways to positively and financially impact all that goes on in agriculture and farming. through communication and information, the development of agriculture and rural development via the internet can be dramatically improved.

We will discuss front end and back developments to support and assist local farmers in sustainable and profitable growth the environment and his trade.

From farm to table, the processes that are needed from supplies and equipment for cultivation, labor, water,pest control, harvest, packaging, branding, and marketing entail a great deal. The efficiency of systems and process directly impact the amount the stresses on the environment and the farmer.

How can and is information technology and the power of the world wide web used for benefit and what does that look like?

This is what we will detail and outline in our posts. From examples that companies are doing currently, to ideas that can be implemented for higher production, lower costs, and positive environmental effects.

We invite your comments and your feedback and ask that you share information related to our topic. After all through information and the availability to access it any moment of the day, sharing, exposure and development will lead us in the right direction, or somewhere at least.

Vertical Farming

In case you have not seen this. Vertical farming is a great innovation of modern technology and ingenuity. Minimize land use and increase production, two huge advantages of this modern farming breakthrough.

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