the project

Essentially the efarm-project is a goal to create sustainable farming practices with the biggest impacts. Food is the most important resource (second to water) that we as humans should be concerned about. And as we scale our population we need to figure out how to scale our food production. However it’s not just about scaling food production, but scaling it in a way that will not jeopardize the planet and it’s inhabitants. Much easier said than done.

We will share with you our ideas and initiatives to create the most opportunity for win-win situations between the food industry and the planet. We understand that the food industry is a large business and in fact one of the largest industries in the world (no surprise), and opportunities for business advancement can lead towards innovation and creative ways to improve its efficiency (or at least it should).

It is also a vital part of every individuals needs and having affordable access to food is important and necessary. It is also one of the largest contributors of Co2 emissions and pollution and an integral and the leading cause of deforestation.

We wish that food were not this complicated, but in an economy and population of this scale, most things become more complicated than they should be.

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